Client Visits
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Client Visit in quadrish
(6-7 Nov 2019)
(6-7 Feb 2019)

Navotar provides complete solutions for transport industry. Specially for car rental companies across Canada and US. Firstly, Sanker got us engaged for car tracking through GSM/GPRS based 2G/3G OBD2 devices. And most importantly, integrated into Navotar’s platform through APIs based interface.
Sanker was able to communicate with team in person and discuss future roadmaps. Quiadrish (Software and Graphic Designing Company) is expecting his visit again in the near future. In order to further continue the extension of the platform with innovative solutions.

Client Visit in quadrish
Imtiaz Khan
(26 June, 2019)
(14-15 Mar 2019)

Quadrish is a Software and graphic designing company. We got a surprise visit by Imtiaz Khan. Dealing in Innovative Digital Signage Solution. Imtiaz got the full team hired after some preliminary discussion and demos. Firstly, the visit gave us the opportunity to understand his future vision. Secondly, it was particularly related to the product and streamline the development process.
Therefore, he had not only inspired us through his innovative thought process. But also made us adopt more efficient agile development process with his extremely valuable suggestions. We as a Software and Graphic Designing Company are expecting him to visit again in near future. And grow our professional relationship a bit more.

Client Visit in quadrish
Eihab Atef Elzinary
(3 Apr, 2019)

Quadrish got engaged with Eihab for his product Shop4Me.  This consists of Hybrid and Native Apps (Android Kotlin and iOS Swift). His customer app was need urgent overhaul to be able to launch it on time. We completed the hybrid app first. Later, made it live on Android and iOS stores. And then started working on Native counterparts.

Eihab met his team for the first time. And we had extensive discussions with the team for all future plans. He brought souvenirs for the team inscribed with PETRA – a historical and archaeological city in southern Jordan.

Client Visit in quadrish
Matt Dubois
(4-6 Dec, 2018)

Matt had associated with us for long for complex enterprise level multiple products. Specially dealing in Fintech  and  Entertainment  industries. We have dedicated team working for him. The relationship started with a small work for one of the Fintech product. And later grown into multiple products with continuous development.
His visit to our office was one of the memorable event in the company. Matt met all his team members for the first time face to face. Hence, had a long technical discussions and future roadmap discussion.
He is expected to visit once again shortly as two of his products are getting ready for launch shortly. Team members from our office are also expected to visit US at his office.