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Quadrish as a team has so many things to share with you. We have a very supportive team and clients as well. Here we have some insights to share with you. Quadrish has worked on many Softwares, mobile applications both for android and iOS, websites and many more. We also have hands on Digital Signage Software, Cognitive Technologies and Quickbooks.
As a softawre development company we just not end here, we have very skilled group of developers designers, testers and SEO team. And this in whole makes our company orientative and innovative. Everything that includes Digital Signage Software, case studies, blogs, client visits, events and many more.


  1. Client Visits.
  2. Digital Signage Software.
  3. Events.
  4. Artificial intelligence development
  5. Case studies
  6. Blogs

Quadrish Insights

  • Clients visit: Many clients from Canada, Jordan, USA , India have visited to our company. Therefore, it builds our professional relationship further .  This shows how happy our customers and clients from our work. Though the growth of the company is not just from the team of professionals but also from the good clients.
  • Digital Signage Software: Digital Signage Software, Our team had worked on digital signage too. Simple and powerful way to manage and publish content on your displays. This includes digital signage tools and softwares.
  • Events: Our company is situated in the land of different religions that is India. Though we come to work but still we enjoy all the religious events in our company. This leads to boost the environment and the growth of our company.
  • Artificial intelligence development: Cognitive Technologies is a Russian software company based on an advanced artificial intelligence System. It combines various platforms like machine learning, reasoning, natural language processing, speech, vision, sentiment analysis and robotics. It mimics the function of a human brain and also can solve the humankind of problems or we can say that cognitive computing is used to assist humans in their decision-making process.
    When we work with Quickbooks Accounting Package because no one heard about it before. And no one ready to take a project based on it. Because first time delivery was very near. Then we had given it more priority to know about it. And its implementation using codeigniter and finally we got a solution to integrate with web application.
  • Case Study: OBD stands for On Board Diagnosis for Compliant Vehicles and is a standard protocol followed by all vehicle manufacturers. We can obtain 267 types of vehicle sensor information through OBD device and send it to anywhere in the world in real time. Add GPS and GSM/GPRS module to it, you get most powerful tool for vehicle tracking along with vehicle status.
  • Blogs: We have created many blogs of our company. Check out our blogs here.