Reward - HDMI Broadcast
You continue to exceed every expectation that we set. Great job.

Reward – HDMI Broadcast

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One of the star performer Arvind Mehta, from our company Quadrish. He had worked on a very complicated device. This was a device-level implementation for HDMI Broadcast from an Android box. The work required diving into the low-level code for HDMI Broadcast drivers. And pulling the functionality at the Android App level.
So, an iPhone XS Max (256 GB) Gold is all he deserves as a reward!
Above all, we are proud of this achievement. This demonstrates our commitment to our clients.

Congrats Arvind – The Star!

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Rewards - HDMI Broadcast-1

“Leadership is not about you; it’s about investing in the growth of others.” – Ken Blanchard.

Reward and achievements

Everyone should be recognized for their accomplishments. When someone reaches his goal, appreciate his work. And reward him to encourage and boost his efforts. This will lead to good relationship and growth of the company.

On achievements, reward or celebrate the positive actions. This would contribute the habit formation and the development of inborn motivation. Some ideals are accessible when a company or boss praise employee’s efforts over their achievements. Here’ how:

  • First, it shows your employees that the company is proud of their work. When the boss says, “Wow! You’ve really worked hard on that project or reward them,” even if it is not finished yet or perfect. Then the employee is more likely to work more efficiently and independently.

  • Second, it encourages your employees. In order to keep working hard, until they master a new concept.

  • Third, it promotes the feeling that they are contributing to something larger. And their hard work is worthwhile.

  • Finally, when the boss rewards an employee for his hard work, more hard work will follow.

Therefore, reward your employees, when they “gone the extra mile”. It reflects the best change in their motivation, and success will surely follow.

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