Top 5 Essential Features of On-Demand Apps
Watch your on-demand app succeed by integrating these 5 essential features.

Top 5 Essential Features of On-Demand Apps

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Top 5 Essential Features of On-Demand Apps

Top 5 Essential Features of On-Demand Apps

It’s no secret that the rise of the covid shut down every business globally. It had a huge impact on the people and forced every business, institution, office, and other service to come to an abrupt halt.

However, for human beings to survive, some necessities like medicine delivery, food delivery, and groceries shopping are essential.

That’s when the on-demand mobile apps came into the spotlight. Ever since the covid rose, on-demand mobile apps have experienced a huge upsurge in their downloads and usage. People are now utilizing on-demand apps to get their daily chores done effortlessly.

Top 5 Essential Features of On-Demand Apps

On-demand apps provide a platform to businesses or individuals who want to present their services and products to a specific audience. The services or products are made to ease users’ lives seeking specific services. For example, Uber is one of the transit on-demand apps used for ride-hailing services.

While the on-demand apps have gained a lot of popularity, more and more businesses are endeavoring to launch one such app with a distinctive idea. However, a few aspects decide the success of such apps, and one is its features.

Below, we have created a compiled list of the essential features that you must consider while building such an app:

Robust security

It’s no shocker that online thefts have been raised to the extent that having robust security is the first and foremost part of creating an on-demand app. Cybersecurity can help you reduce the risk of hackers intruding in your and your customers’ space, from safeguarding your servers to the entire app.

Moreover, people nowadays are more concerned about their data and information. So, having robust security for your app is a must.

Payment gateways

Different people prefer different payment methods for their purchases. And providing them the privilege to have multiple options for payments can help you retain the customers and even come back again to utilize your app.

Push notifications

Push notifications are used to notify your customers about your new products, launches, offers, discounts, deals, announcements, and more. They are the goldmine when you want your customers to make recurring visits and engage better with your app.

Statistically speaking, push notifications have an opening rate of 90%, which is 50% higher than email marketing. So, leveraging this feature can create a win-win situation for you.

Search and filter results

Customers over the internet are delicate. If they didn’t find the product or service they are looking for on your app, they wouldn’t think twice to leave and search somewhere else. That’s why having a search and filter option is indispensable.

It allows users to find the product or service by simply searching it over the search bar. Users can also filter out the search by applying additional options, further refining the user’s requests.

AI and ML

AI and ML have the potential to carry out tasks that were not possible before. Leveraging these technologies can enrich the user experience and eventually boost your business.

For instance, AI and ML can personalize and evaluate customers’ needs and requirements. A list of recommendations based on a user’s previous searches or orders can also be produced with these technologies and can help in elevating sales and revenues.


The covid has undoubtedly surged the usage of on-demand apps, and it wouldn’t be amiss to remark that investing in one such on-demand mobile app would be wrong. However, certain features play a vital role in making your app successful.

The above guide will walk you through some of the features you must consider having in an on-demand mobile app.

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